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New Year's Resolution: Tips To Organize For Success


Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when many of us vow to change for the better.  The tradition of making a New Year’s resolution dates back some 4,000 years so it’s no surprise that 43% of us made a resolution last year.


Three of the most common resolutions center on healthier and happier living.  These include improving organization & decluttering, achieving better mental health, and better hygiene.  The motivation to change starts with understanding why these resolutions are important and then taking action to achieve these very attainable goals.


According to Intermountain Healthcare, a cluttered or disorganized home or workspace impacts your physical health.  A cluttered home produces fire hazards, dust, and mold.  If you feel anxious and overwhelmed all the time, that clutter may be impacting your mental health too. Make a commitment to organize and clean your home.  Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment, but you may also experience other benefits like improved sleep, reduced stress & anxiety, and better food choices.



At Bio-One, we regularly work to assist our clients in decluttering and organizing. We help people sort through items, discard trash, remove junk, organize, store, clean and disinfect and yes, we remediate mold too!  Our Southern Utah based highly trained professionals are experienced and efficient while offering you honest, judgement free solutions.



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