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Time For Some Spring Cleaning



SPRING CLEANING is a tradition that encourages us to prepare for a promising new year by cleaning up our house, both literally and spiritually.  From a recent post by CNN, Spring signifies coming out of the darkness.  Spring cleaning and ridding your life of clutter, those things you don’t need any more and maybe even some bad spirits.  Decluttering has its own mental and metaphoric benefits.


Rebecca Mills, Assistance Professor at Utah State University, shares that less is truly more.  Here are three tips to clear the clutter and spring clean your life:


1.   Create a baseline and asses your clutter.

2.      Assess the value.

3.      Keep, trash, donate or sell.


At Bio One & St George Hoarding, we can help with new beginnings. Do you feel overwhelmed with a declutter or hoarding project?  Or maybe you seek to help someone you know that may have a hoarding issue? Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians offer compassionate, patient assistance to complete the task.

Give yourself the best chance for a successful start and reach out to us for a free estimate.  We have a multi-step program to help you schedule your project, de-clutter, deep clean, and start fresh. At Bio One & St George Hoarding we are ready.  Click the button below and call us now!

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