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Bio-One St. George Gives Back To Our Community

The Holidays seem to bring out the giving spirit in all of us.  With the pandemic presenting a very different season in 2020, this New Year’s Eve we’d like to take a quick look at where we’ve been and what all of us can do in 2021.


At Bio One, our mantra is “Help First, Business Second”; this means that we are focused on serving the community 24/7.  We know first-hand the incredible effect that one act of kindness can do for someone in need. It’s what we do!  The giving spirit is in all of us and this was quite evident in 2020 as so many paid their respects to the tireless efforts of our First Responders.  With over 1000 pies and cookies delivered by Bio-One St George to our police, fire, and sheriff’s departments, we were one of many in the generous Southern Utah community.  Cheers to all of you for an amazing holiday season and Thank You!

As we open the door to 2021, the pandemic looms large.  The loss of a loved one or a job along with financial and personal insecurity weigh heavy on everyone. Let us all consider our part of making a difference in the New Year:  Here is a helpful list of ways to inspire you, your family, and your friends to give back.

Get in The Giving Spirit

Are you able to give money, your expertise, your time?  What works for you?  There are a multitude of ways to participate.  Many of us have been hit hard financially this year.  If you cannot give money that’s ok!  Here are some other ideas on how you can help:


Social Media – Like, Follow, and Share updates from your favorite non-profits.  It doesn’t cost a thing and it’s an easy way to invite others to join in giving.

Donate – Clean out that closet or pantry and donate items to those in need.  Don’t forget our furry friends!  Animal Shelters are always looking for blankets and pet supplies.

Give Blood – You can give the gift of life, most literally!  Blood donors are in high demand and it’s a great way to save lives.

Helping the Elderly – Is there a senior in your neighborhood that could use a hand?  Help them with some yard work, walk their dog, or maybe run an errand for them.

Say goodbye to 2020 with a positive spirit and support for others.  Say hello to 2021!  We can all make a difference, one act of kindness at a time. 

Happy New Year from all of us at Bio-One!