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Seniors Living Alone - Creating a Safe Environment


More than 13 million seniors live alone, according to the US Census.  Our older generation is living longer and their safety at home becomes more and more challenging.  With pandemic isolation recommended, caring for our aging family members can be complicated.  Here are some important things to remember and suggestions for creating a safe environment.


Aging At Home Alone – Common Hazards


Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors.  Excess clutter poses a serious risk for falls.  Nearly one third of seniors fall at least once a year!  Poor hygiene & habits can also become an issue. The confinement of quarantine can make this situation worse. Unhealthy kitchen conditions and food storage, infrequent bathing or cleaning, impaired vision, and problems making it to the restroom are all common as mental and physical health decline. 

Consider the following:

  • Removal of trip and fall hazards
  • Protect against fire
  • Provide safety in the bathroom
  • Assess dangers in the bedroom
  • Evaluate adequate lighting
  • Kitchen conditions and operation
  • Evaluate stairs

Help Is Available


At Bio-One, we respond to calls requesting help for seniors with untidy or unsafe conditions.  Our teams are trained to assess your needs and offer a plan to remediate and promote future safety.  We provide professional disinfection, organization, and can even install safety features to give your loved one a healthy environment that is free from contamination and clutter. 


What You Can Do


If you are considering helping your loved one achieve a safe and healthy home, please reach out to Bio-One St. George & St George Hoarding.  Our services are available throughout Central & Southern Utah, as well as Nevada.  We offer free estimates, discreet response, and our compassionate team is available 24 hours a day. 


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